"Being a photographer is what makes my heart sing and yoga is my tool to stay sane while doing it "



    Thanks for visiting! I am a photographer and yoga instructor. A kind of person that did something else, and realized that life was so much more than doing the same from 8-4 each day. And sudden one day enough was just enough. I invested all my time finding out what I was naturally drawn to, and step by step I finally started to walk my true path. Each step made me even more excited. Being a photographer is what makes my heart sing and yoga is my tool to stay sane while doing it. When I pick up my camera I get lost in the moment, forgetting time and everything that does not matter in that exact time. All that truly matters is what I have in front of me – the people, light and the awesome vibe we are creating together. I am a big believer that we can achieve everything we want in this life, but it has to start from the inside out – instead of outside in. Only then and then only will we have the strength and courage to stand up for ourself and what we believe in.

    Don’t worry! I am not into stiff or awkward poses. I would so much more rather see you hiking up somewhere holding hands, playing in the woods, or wrapping each other up in a bear hug. Those things are what make the uniqueness in a photography. I have no doubt that photography is one of the most important part to invest in these days. The moment will only grow in value when time goes by, and it is so important to look back to remember the moment, the people, the life. And of course, you. Especially when it is so easy nowadays to get lost in everything that happens around us.

    Facts about me:

    • Dog lover, I have the best dog in the world ( of course, ha ha ) named Billie ( boy, jean, holiday, veslefar etc )
    • I am a vegetarian / vegan
    • I enjoy a good glass of red vine, or a beer. Especially ginger beer! Yummy
    • I am addicted to podcasts
    • I am also addicted to music


    • I am a physical therapist
    • I do meditation EVERYDAY
    • I dream about vintage cars from the 70s
    • I believe that education is power, so learn new stuff every day!
    • I also believe that we become what we read, eat, think and surround our self with. So people, set boundaries. And surround yourself with dreamers, believers and doers.
    • Yeah, and also – I believe in self love. Make time for things that makes YOU happy.


    Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training 200 hr – Atman Yoga School, Oslo m/ Jessica Winderl (2018)
    Mindful Restorative Yoga TTC 50 hr – Hi Yoga, Oslo m/ Elise Jansen (2017)
    Medisinsk Yoga Teacher Training – Oslo Yoga, m / Elisabeth Enquist (2013)
    Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr – Sampoorna Yoga, India (2013) Physical Therapist – Netherland ( 2012 )